Marc Jacobs sunglasses

  1. Does anyone own or have purchased MJ sunglasses?
    How do you like them?

    I really like some of their sunglasses I've seen in store kinda Saks in HK (Lane Crawford) and was wondering about them..

    Please guide me ladies! :idea:
  2. I've tried on the MJ collection glasses and they don't fit me well.

    The MBMJ sunglasses, on the otherhand, fit like a dream, and are priced remarkably low so I feel comfortable tossing them around without having to be overly cautious about caring for them. They're polarized, lightweight, and cost less than $100.
  3. i agree with thithi. i have a pair of mj sunglasses and while i like them, the frame is a little too big for my face. i have two pairs of mbmj and they fit perfectly. i recently bought the blue aviators. only one of the pairs is polarized though, but they both cost me no more than $100 per pair.
  4. I have some Marc Jacobs sunglasses and I really like them. They are oversized but mine are not polarized. I wish they were as I tend to wear my other sunglasses that are polarized more.
  5. I have the 019S's in a dark teal color, and I looooove them.
  6. gah.. just bought a pair of MBMJs thru the NM private sale... Oh well, I could always use a new a pair of sunnies!
  7. Tnx you Ladies!

    Sounds for me real good price. In HK they cost 250-350USD. :crybaby:
  8. i just bought a pair of mj sunnies also at intermix and the collection glasses are usually around that price. i paid $250 before tax.

  9. Same here. I'll probably try some MBMJs soon.
  10. I own both MJ & MBMJ sunglasses. I find myself wearing more the MBMJ since it fits me perfectly. You just have to keep trying them on and see which one works best. Good luck! :smile:
  11. They started having MJ sunglasses at Off 5th, there were three different pairs at the one in Schaumburg IL when I was there yesterday, and I tried them on but they didn't fit me well.
  12. if you take your sunglasses to a repair shop they can fit them foryour face.