Marc Jacobs sunglasses made in Italy?

  1. Hey girls,

    yea I know silly question but was just talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was telling me that high end sunglasses sometimes are made in china which made me nervous so I was looking at my MJ sunglasses and i can't seem to locate the "made in ____" part any ideas? TIA!
  2. the "made in" debate can get a little technical and tricky. my mj sunglasses were made in italy too as are many other high-end designer brands. however, there have been recent reports that in order to cut down on production costs, some of the materials are made in italy to maintain the prestige of saying that their product was manufactured there, but then it's shipped to china for assembly where labor costs are much cheaper. there is some speculation that this is also occurring with the designers' handbags.

    it's difficult to know for sure since most luxury companies keep their production processes confidential. personally, where an item hails from is not a big factor in whether or not i decide to buy it, but it is disturbing that designers are constantly raising prices while sending their materials to china in order to exploit underpaid workers in an effort to increase their already huge profits. that's why i'm hoping that it's not true.