Marc Jacobs Studded Stam

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  1. I have been looking for photos of the stam with studs. Does anyone own one? I cant seem to find any photos of this bag.
  2. it just arrived at the boutique in clay, so no one's bought it yet. there is a pretty great picture of the blue one at nordstrom though.

  3. Thankyou for that. Does anyone on here own one? Its a gorgeous bag.
  4. this collection with the studs is called stardust, I can't wait till the bags become available!
  5. not yet, but i plan on getting the cecilia as soon as it's available. :smile:
  6. GORGEOUS!!!! that bag is beautiful I :heart: anything with a stud xoxo
  7. and I'm weating for the beat bag, which is from the same line
  8. Thanks everyone. A friend of mine said there available at Harrods, but only in black. I'd like to see all the colours first.
  9. I'm sure there's one around in purple too which is gorgeous - mind you , the blue is stunning as well. I love those little studs - they are subtle but just lovely. Hope you get one - would love some real modelling shots!!
  10. Our Nordstroms recd the Stardust Stam in Blue - - it's a very different shade of blue than how it looks on the website. It reminds me A LOT of the Electric Blue from S04 (I used to have a Karolina in this color -- there was also the Scarlet Hobo that was so popular) or the Bright Blue from S07. It's definitely NOT lamb's leather (:shucks:) In fact, I don't think it's goat leather either -- I actually think its calf leather. It wasn't as soft and slouchy as recent seasons. It was a lot more like the leather of my Cashew and [former] Topaz Stam (slightly pebbled, thicker and heavier).

    The bag is lined with BLACK canvas (yea, it won't be looking very dirty!!) and the edge paint is TURQUOISE blue. There is that small little hook (is it a key hook? I've never figured out what these are for!) that were inside the S09 stams (my white stams has this same little hook/D-ring).

    Overall the bag is VERY pretty, but I was a little disappointed in the shade of blue (it's a little hard to top this season's quilted blue!). It's a little too bright and "electric" for me -- I'm anxious to see the Stardust Cecelia (they hadn't gotten these yet), altho I am disappointed that it doesn't appear to be lambs or goat leather. They didn't have anything in Clay yet -- I'm on the fence between Clay and Violet.
  11. the little rings in recent season mj bags are for the keys. mj key chains have dog leash clips you can attach to the insides of the bag for easy finding. too bad the boutiques never stock the keyrings anymore. :blah: coach makes good alternatives though.
  12. ilmb .... a lot of LV bags have these D hooooks ... u can hook ur keys into them or small coin purses ;)
  13. Black?? Don't line bags in BLACK, people (ahem, MJ). You can't see ****E inside your bag at night! Or in dim lighting! It's like a big black hole you're just sticking your big paw inside, grawping around, gah.
  14. ^^i totally agree selmom! it's totally a black hole!
  15. Thanks for the info, Iluv. I wonder if my sapphire cecilia is the same shade of blue? Thats disappointing that it is made of calf leather. I have a topaz stam and because of the stiffness, this is my less favorite to carry. On the plus side, it keeps its shape and doesn't get all saggy!

    I can't wait for modeling pics!