Marc Jacobs Striping Hudson

  1. Hi Ladies!

    What are your thoughts about the Marc Jacobs Striping Hudson? I found it on e-luxury.

  2. Hmmmm.....
  3. You should check out the Marc Jacobs forum and do a search for "Hudson." You'll find a lot of threads, as well as members who own this bag and could give input. I think it's gorgeous. It's actually the bag that led me to the Purse Forum!
  4. i like the bag :P
  5. I love it :smile:
  6. I love it, although I love the trish even more, which is the same sort of style!!! Probs cos it is a bit of a younger style tho...!! But, i love them both!!
  7. I like it, I saw it in a store. It is EXTREMELY heavy.
  8. you should def. come over to the MJ forum....we're having a big 'hudson' day over there...LOL

    i think it's fabulous, but then i just ordered it, so i must! not in that color, though - i ordered the chili. that color (chestnut, i believe) seems to be the celeb choice, but i think the chili is more versatile....just my 2 cents :smile:

    pic of chili hudson:

  9. best style in the MJ line so far.....except for mine..hehe
  10. I also love the trish. I picked her over the hudson after all :heart: . But the hudson is fantastic. I started out wanting the hudson and only later found trish.
  11. I really dislike that color but like the black and the chestnut. That bag is heavy as all get-out though!
  12. actually, the color you originally showed is glimmer may have meant that she likes the dark brown color better (i'll post a pic of that below). i'd probably be inclined to agree with her - IRL, the chestnut seems like it would be really hard to match with things, since it has a really orange tone to the leather. it wouldn't go with my wardrobe...but if it would work for you, i still say it's a gorgeous style!

    i think heavy is in the eye of the's definitely heavier than a balenciaga or something like that, but i think it's probably a little lighter than, or maybe about the same weight as a chloe paddy. most of the MJ bags are on the heavy side...once you carry a MJ for a while, you just get used to it, and your other bags feel strangely light ;)

    anyway, here's the hudson in dark brown - it was my fave color until i saw the chili :shame: :


    have you made any progress deciding??
  13. Oops, yes, I meant I dislike the color pictured there, but I guess I'm not sure which color that is. I like the black and the dark brown, not the orangey one. :yes:
  14. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    Can you tell I love the bag? I'm thinking about getting it.
  15. Another classic beauty! Reminds me of the 50's. If I were in the market for a MJ bag this would be the one I would get.