Marc jacobs store is open

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  1. I might be the last person to have noticed but it looks like the Marc Jacobs online store is finally open:yahoo::yahoo: I'm still looking around because they have a lot of merch up, but it has definitely been a fun virtual stroll so far.

  2. Update: Some special items are not available for online purchase yet. Also, the site is a little clunky when it comes to navigation.
  3. i couldn't find LZW on there...hope they add more items
  4. the special items won't be available on the website -- I don't think they have plans to make them available anytime soon. I was disappointed in the selection online, esp the clothing and shoes. They only had three pieces of collection clothing (2 dresses and one coat) and three pair of shoes.

    I also had thought they said that the website would be offering exclusive items that you couldn't get in stores, but everything on there can be purchased at the boutiques - I hope they add more items soon (I was hoping for some smaller wallets)

    The other thing that's a little disappointing is that they removed all of the pics from the various lines. You can view the look books, which is really just the runway pics that you can view on, but all the pics they had of the bags and shoes from the various seasons are gone. I hope they bring them back
  5. Yeah I liked looking at the bag pics (as I'm sure many of us do), so I hope they bring it back.
  6. I hope his people are reading this so they fix it to make it better! :P
    iluv, you are completely right!
  7. i think they'll add more items. maybe. hopefully. i mean, this can't be it!
  8. I can't believe they took away the great website where we could see all the bags and replaced it with this. There are only a few bags, it is hard to navigate, etc. This just can't be. I would rather look at what we could find elsewhere and have them all to look at instead of just seeing a few and being able to buy online.

    BRING BACK THE OLD SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I guess I am the odd one here!
    I enjoyed it and found a Leola in hematite! I want it!!!!!!!!
  10. you're not, muggles. i like it. the navigation could stand to be improved, but i'm glad it's there. i believe they'll add more to it. it just launched, so it's probably still a work in progress.
  11. From a user friendly point of view its not that great a site. Death to flash!! Why should I have to click through all these graphics to view items. It's nice the first time but after that its annoying.

    However I am sure it will improve as time goes on and they get feedback from people.
  12. I. Hate. The. Website. Hate. It. If they don't bring back all the bag photos, I'm going to scream! This website is complete crap! CRAP, do you hear me?? Sunglasses, for the love...come on, really? There are less than TWENTY Collection bags on the Marc Freaking Jacobs website, I mean, what is wrong with that picture? And the ones they DO show are ALL BLACK, er, or mostly black. It's a shame, shame, shame.

    I could even handle the cutesy stupid cartoon people IF THE FREAKING BAGS AND SLGs WERE ON THE WEBSITE. I don't care if we can't BUY them (because the boutiques never order ANYTHING, what. everrrr), just show them. SHOW THE G.D. BAGS.

    Whew. ...I'm better now. Really.
  13. Haha! Love the rant.

    But it seems the general consensus here is we just want pics of the bags.. TBH I'd rather have the pics than being able to order off their site (well being international, not that I can, but YKWIM)

    Maybe we should all actually write an email into MJ to complain about the changes. If a few of us do it then at least they might get the picture.
  14. #14 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    they put the photos of the current season bags up. resort and spring are probably forthcoming.

    eta: also, if you click on all of the black bags, there are more color options. the admins of the site should find a way to make that more apparent.
  15. ooo I hadn't looked at the site in awhile - thanks for that tad! and it's actually a better view, 2 rows of bags rather than the one they had previously.