Marc Jacobs Stones Bags?

  1. Has anyone bought one of these? I keep seeing them in magazines and have spotted a few IRL at Saks and Nordstrom - I love how Art Deco they look - but can't take the plunge with their price tags. Anyone else feel this way?

    Will these be destined for the sales floor or Nordstrom Rack?
  2. I think they are awesome, but I bet they will be around for the pre Christmas markdowns.....
  3. The prices are steep, but it makes sense because of the semi-precious stones. I think they may get marked down as well. The sweet punk bags last season were extremely expensive but members were able to snatch some at 75% off during sale season. You gotta be fast!
  4. I'm crossing my fingers that I can grab one of these beauties onsale too!
  5. Very true about the Sweet Punk collection! As beautiful as I think they are, I might see if I can snag one on sale or at least with some sort of discount.
  6. I have a feeling they will end up at Off 5th and Nordies Rack since they don't have mass market appeal. Buyers are probably all long time MJ lovers