Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat Polo

  1. Does anyone know where I can find the Marc by Marc Jacobs Men's Stinky Rat Polo? I have checked websites and have had no luck!

  2. Probably only available at the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, as that is a "special" item.
  3. Wow, what a name! Stinky Rat Polo...
  4. Yeah, the name is silly and I think that is why my husband wants one, plus the price is about $35!!
  5. You can order these from a MbMJ boutique and they'll send it to you.. shipping is ridiculous though, $20 flat rate per order (but I guess worth it if you get a lot of stuff and you live far away from a store).
  6. Wow! That's about nothing :wtf:
  7. they actually sell that polo at the marc jacobs flagship store, well at least the one in san francisco