Marc Jacobs Stella LE

  1. All this talk about the MJ stella LE has finally given me the bug. If any sees one on sale at Neimans or if it was on second markdown somewhere else please, please let me know. Black or white color, either would be great!

    I called Tyson's NM and Northbrook, IL NM and Palo Alto....
  2. Joeyjimmy - Glad you decided to get Stella, it's really a classic bag.

    I came across a beautifully textured Black Sophia LE at NM Fashion Island (out of White Sophia & Black/White Stella), I caved in! Can't wait to pick it up after work. ^_^

  3. Hey, I spoke to my sales rep at my local NM at 12:30 and she said they had a couple Stellas on the floor, but I don't know what colors. I got black. It was marked down an additional 25% from $821.00.

    Ask for Trish (Patricia) at NM in White Plains, NY, Ph: 914-428-2000. Tell her Jennifer gave you her name.
  4. You guys are great! I knew someone would be able to come through for me!

    I've been travelling, so haven't had regular access to a computer..

    Actually a SA from NM- I don't even know what state called me because she found a stella LE in black- so I got it! I'm so happy!
  5. hm... i really want to get a black sophia.
    do you think they still have it?
    i called the not so local (takes me an hour to get there) Nordstrom and Saks today and they dont have it.
    or... anybody else know where i can get it?

    you can pm me if you have any info about black sophia LE
  6. so, i called a bunch of saks today and nobody carries the LE. is this like neiman specific item?
  7. Call Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California) & ask for Brooke (got my Black Sophia from her).

    Telephone: 949.759.1900 ext 2172.
    Toll Free: 800.395.1036
  8. Joeyjimmy, Jlmrocks: Congrats on Black Stella. =)
  9. i cannot deicde if i should get a stella or a sophia.
    whats the measurement for each?
  10. Does NM only take American Express & its own credit card? So absolutely no Visa cards even for phone orders? Is there any way at all to get around this?
  11. you can buy a neiman gift card online, then pay the phone order with it.
    thats what i did.... :biggrin:
  12. Stella (11"H x 17"W x 5"D)
    Stam (11 x 16 x 6")
    Quilted Blake (8.5"x13"x6")
    Sophia (9 1/2"H x 14"W x 2 1/2"D)

    (source: neiman marcus online)
  13. i decided to get the sophia.....
    yay....... i really like the stella, but being 5'4" big bags look funny on me.
    thanks for giving the emeasurement bag.lover
  14. BTW- NM in Las Vegas takes Visa cards.......yes..Im good...LOL
  15. oh jill, you are so lucky....