MARC Jacobs stella from saks 19.99 in Ebay!!!

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  1. Geranium!!!! :yes: :rolleyes: :wlae: :heart:
  2. huh???
  3. yes...tell us more
  4. Gross! It's a sad looking fake of the worst kind!
  5. actually she has 100 percent feedback and was real!
  6. The listing was removed.
  7. it says the listing has been taken down....
  8. I actually wrote to her and she told me the listing was removed b/c she was so upset about people saying the bag was fake. (She must know about the forum) I have bought a botkier and marc jacobs coat from this woman. Both were new and 100% authentic w/ tags form NYC DEpt store. She is actually on my favorite list! She only sells her own items and her friends - all professional woman. she told me the bag was from a person in NYC who some would know and who is photographed quite alot. while the stain on the back of bag would be okay for most people the woman coudn't risk being photgraphed with it. She told me her friend had agreed to start bidding at 19.99 to see where it led. I guess the lesson here is that while its great to have a board to help each other with fakes (which we all agree we abhore)- we should remember that just b/c someone is not great with a camera etc and is older doesnt mean we should declare her items fake without proof. I actually read her feedback before i bid on her items and most were when she herself had been sold a fake or had been sold a broken item and had tried to complain. I wanted to tell everyone about the bag becasue she is so nice...anyway thats all i wante:yes: d to say!
  9. how do i find her on ebay?thanks
  10. plz tell her to relist it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.