Marc Jacobs Stams

  1. I saw three MJ Stams at Neiman's in Mazza Gallerie in DC. They had a black, camel, and what looked like a bronzey-gold color. The number is: 202.966.9700.

    Good luck!
  2. Lisa at NM (248) 635-8442 has bronze, ivory, black and yellow stams available. Would love to see the bronze! And the yellow! Has to be gorgeous!
  3. Yellow?
  4. ^^ Yellow must be the tan. It has a sort of yellow tinge to it.
  5. I know- she said "yellow" though! Maybe I need to take a trip out to NM and check it out for myself. Will report back later this week :smile:
  6. The tan color does look jaundiced, so I can see how someone could mistake it for yellow.

    There are so many fabulous colors that MJ could do the Stam in; I have no idea why he chose this one.
  7. I agree...I really hate the tan/camel color. Looked mustardy.
  8. Yellow is Cashew? I agree, don't like it & Caramel (based on Bowler) too much.
  9. There are two "yellows". You have Camel, which is that kind of mustardy-brown, then you have the new Cashew, which to me looks pretty (I'm considering it for the new little Stam). On the MJ site it looks more beige than yellow.
  10. Daisy's got it right. There are 2: the Camel is that mustardy, yellow-y, jaundiced nightmare color - it's out now. And the Cashew is the one that's coming out next: I saw it in person and it looked to be more beige and lighter than the Putty (though slightly darker than the Ivory). The only issue it might have is that the stitching is a slightly darker color than the bag - that might make it a little busy, considering the Stam already has a lot going on. It was hard to tell, since I only saw it for a minute.
  11. Thanks for clearing it up. =) There are so many colors that I love for Stam: Blush/Chalk/Black (Patent), purple (don't remember the name for it), ...
  12. The purple is called Violet. I have the mini in that bag. :heart:
  13. Daisy, I love that color!!!! How does the mini bag look in person? Is it roomy enough for daily necessities? I love Stam, but it's a bit big for me. Would you please....please take some pictures of it on you? Is it possible? =) Wondering about Bordeaux at, is it close to Cranberry? I didn't like Cranberry in other MJ bags.
  14. Bag.lover, the mini is NOT a good bag for every day. The opening is really small so I can't fit my wallet inside. I use it more as an evening bag or just when I want something cute to hold my keys and lipgloss. I'll see what I can do about taking some pics. =)

    I've never seen the bordeaux in person so I'm not sure how to describe the color. MJ is releasing the bag again for fall in black and a few other (non-exciting) colors. I might wait for those over the bordeaux. Deep red/burgundy bags never seem to work for me.