Marc Jacobs Stam

  1. Hi everybody- im looking for marc jacobs experts here- i just got a marc jacobs stam in ivory from a seller on eBay- (but i dont think i was so smart i made a deal outside of eBay with them) i just recieved the bag and i was wondering if its real of course- so first of all the lining is like an olive color fabric and there is no nameplate it just says marc jacobs made in italy on the leather under the inside zipper. The first thing i checked is the zippers they are "riri" zippers so i know thats good- what i was concerned about also is the clasps connecting the chain to the bag- i was under the impression they are supposed to be "lobster" clasps- very round- the seller swears its real but the clasps are not as shiny as the rest of the hardware and they are not the lobster type they are a typical type of clasp that you would see anywhere but they have marc jacobs ingraved in a font that looks pretty small for them- anyway- if anyone knows the real deal on this bag or better yet owns it and could take pictures of the clasps that would be GREAT! ~thanks!!!
  2. is it this bag : 250087888933 and did you buy it from georgidmitrievich?
    then its authentic.
    but as melly already indicated please post in the -authenticate this- thread if you have further questions.
  3. Someone else noticed the clasps were different for the Spring 07 bags, this is indeed true. The MJ should be engraved along the thick straight part of the clasp, not on the rounded part. The lining sounds right for spring 07. Post the link to the auction in the auth this thread and the girls there will be able to help you further.