Marc Jacobs Stam vs Tivoli

  1. Hi Guys...I was wondering if you could offer me your opinion regarding a black Marc Jacobs Stam (w. elastic quilting) or the Tivoli. Do you consider the Marc Jacobs stam a classic or not ...what would you pick? I am looking for something black and LV doesn't have too many choices in that respect...however I guess Monogram can be worn with anything...any opinions? :yes:
  2. Hmmm...if you're thinking of the Tivoli PM, then I honestly prefer the Stam over it. However, I don't think the Stam has that 'classic' look to it...i don't know why, but it seems really trendy to me, even though it's been around for a while. And it's soooooooo heavy! haha, sorry I'm not helping. If you're looking for classic, though, I'd definitely go for the Tivoli. Mono is absolutely timeless. Good luck and let us know what you end up getting!
  3. Marc Jacobs Stam! No doubt about it. I know I'm supposed to say Louis Vuitton, but I prefer the Stam over the Tivoli!
  4. The stam is gorgeous but real heavy ... if you want LV in black, how about the epi line?
  5. or what about a neo cabby in black?
  6. I do like how the stam looks, but not to carry and I LOVE big bags, but that is just TOO DARN HEAVY.

    If you want a lovely timeless quilted black bag with a chain strap - go for a Chanel otherwise the Tivoli is lovely
  7. I love the Stam, I am actually planning to get that soon.
  8. mj stam is classic & timeless. the 2 are very different bags imo. i'd probably get the tivoli because mj bags are on the heavy side (inc. stam) and i've never been a fan of anything kisslock.
  9. I LOVE my 2 Stams- but there is no doubt- if a heavy bag bothers you- DO NOT GET IT-also do not expect to use the chain on your shoulder-it kills! I really dont care how heavy it is because its one of the greatest bags! Hope that helps :smile:
  10. I would get a chanel caviar jumbo classic flap. It is a great classic black bag imo, certainly not as heavy as the stam, but still has the quilted look if you liek that.
  11. Not a fan of the stam at all have you considered the trevi that's gorgeous bag shoulder or hand held damier pattern is the original classic you can't go wrong
  12. Any pics to compare?
  13. I am really in the mood for a STAM bag lately!
  14. I'd choose the tivoli. I just love the way it looks!
  15. Id go for the tivoli :biggrin: