Marc Jacobs Stam or Mulberry Emmy?! Help please!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to tPF and having got my first Marc Jacobs bag a few months ago I'm hooked! It's my birthday on the 28th and my gorgeous boyfriend has said I can have a bag of my choice, within reason, as my present (I think he just wants me to get me off the computer gawking at all the amazing bags!) so I was wondering if anyone had a Stam or an Emmy or both and could let me know which one they preferred and how practical they are? Thank you!
  2. I've never seen the Emmy IRL, but did just pop over to the Mulberry website. I do have the Stam hobo and love the kisslock Stam (probably will be my Spring/Summer splurge next year). From my perspective, I MUCH prefer the styling of the Stam. It's a more tailored, elegant look, especially the kisslock Stam. If you have a more casual leaning, then the Stam hobo is a better option to my way of thinking. The Emmy really looks way too casual to me, but if that's your lifestyle, then I say go for it!

    No help at all, was I? :shrugs:
  3. I think both bags are really different. I am a huge Marc fan so, I am a bit biased. However, I purchased a kisslock Stam over the summer and had problems with the bag. After much agonizing, I decided to return it. I know my situation was unique, but it change my opinion about owning the Stam in general.

    I think the best thing to do is to evaluate what your needs are. The bags are shaped differently and look like they are different in size. However, if you feel a pull towards one bag over the other, go with you gut instinct because you might end up regretting it.

    Good luck!
  4. stam
  5. MJ Stam
  6. I'm a huge Mulberry fan, and have to confess the Emmy is a bit convoluted for my tastes. I don't own it, but have seen it IRL, and it doesn't seem very practical, or lasting (style-wise). :sad:

    And, while I like MJ, I'm not a huge fan of the Stam either (all that quilting reminds me of my Gramma), but I do think it will hold up much longer (style-wise), and is infinately more practical.

    Just my $0.02 ... :rolleyes:
  7. Stam of course!
  8. Stam
  9. I also absolutely adore Mulberry but I think the Emmy is just too busy and boxy and doesn't do it for me at all. I would therefore go for the stam:flowers:
  10. IMO those two are really different styles. It depends on your dressing style if you plan to make it for everyday use. I've handled Emmy several times, and personally I feel it's easier to deal with than Roxanne (therefore if you can handle Roxanne Emmy should be no problem) when getting things in and out. And I like Mulberry in general for its classic and neutral look. So, if you often dress in a neutral style, Emmy would be nice. :smile:
  11. Thanks girls! I think the general concensus is to go for the Stam although I I do still love the Emmy I think I will get more use out of the Stam, now I just have to decide what colour?!