Marc Jacobs Stam Kisslock question

Jun 14, 2006
Is it normal for the mini stam kisslock to feel kinda loose? It stays close but does not close tight and it takes little effort to open it, whereas the stams that I looked at at Nordstrom close tight and can be difficult to open. When the kisslock is closed there's a small gap between the frame. My mini stam is less than a year old.


Sep 27, 2008
san diego
Sounds like the frame is slightly misaligned. Was it like this when you first purchased it? It can happen with use but usually you can twist it (carefully) back into place.
Jun 23, 2007
What a cute kittie!

I did have to twist my black/brass one when I first got it. It scared me to try, and I wasn't sure which way to twist, but it worked great. :smile:
I just bought my first Stam and my Nordstrom SA made sure that I knew exactly to operate the clasp as there is a trick to it.