Marc Jacobs Stam Ivory

  1. does anyone have pictures of the ivory on them?

    Nordstroms just found me an ivory one in cali so its coming tomorrow...i cant wait but I just hope its what I like...originally i wanted the blush or chalk patent leather but those two seem to be impossible to find :sad:

  2. oh yah i had called them, they said they need to update cos itsnow sold out :sad: thanks though!
  3. [​IMG]

    is this the ivory?
  4. its sold out :sad:
  5. It sells fast! Keep checking, it'll pop up again at different sites. =)
    I recently spotted one online, called my friend who's looking for it. It's sold by the time she checks it.
  6. Here's some pics of my chalk patent stam. Hope you find one.
    chalk_stam.JPG chalk_stam2.JPG chalk_stam3.JPG
  7. thats so it greenie :smile:
  8. Greenie, is it easy to get clean? does it get dirty easily or can you just 'wipe' it clean?