Marc Jacobs Stam in Natural

  1. Hi all,

    I've looked through the various colors and I'ma little confused so I decided to post to learn about my new stam.

    My stam looks like it is the color natural and has an inside tag that says sp06 197 of course it has it's riri zipperz etc, i hope it will hold me over until i can get a topaz stam or a berry alyona, but I'm confused because I didn't see Natural as one of the colors listed for spring of 06.

    Someone please let me know if Natural is from spring 06.
  2. Natural is from Spring 07. What color is the interior lining? The only color I know of that is from Spring 06 would be Ivory and it has beige canvas lining.
  3. yeah, it's got a beige canvas lining, maybe it is beige, won't know till i get it, then i'm sending it to be repaired