Marc Jacobs Stam - help!

  1. Hello fellow-purse lovers,
    I'm hoping someone out there can help....or even knows someone else who can....
    I recently purchased a Marc Jacobs Stam bag in black which I am completely in love with. I've only had it two weeks and am so precious with it, I really look after it.
    I was at a party last night and a friend was admiring my bag. She held it up to look at it properly and as she did I noticed that the outside zipper pull (The entire thing, like the zipper pull and the leather strip and two gold balls attached to it, so now all that's on that outside pocket is the zip itself) was missing.
    I am so upset, I adore my bag and worst of all I have no idea when it fell off or where. Do you know if it can be replaced at a Marc Jacobs store or elsewhere? I've tried looking for a replacement on the Internet but to no avail. :sad:
    Please let me know if anyone can help, I'm really heartbroken, I know most people would say it's "just" a bag but it's not, it's so much more! I know you guys will feel my pain, please help if you can.
    Thanks -xxx.
  2. Oh, that is such a shame! I would be devasted too. Maybe you could call or e-mail a Marc Jacobs boutique and see if they can get you the lost piece.

    You might want to try posting this question on the Marc Jacob sub-forum because a lot of people there are super knowledgeable and might be able to help you more.

    Good luck!
  3. If its only about a month, I think you can even bring it back to the store where you purchased it and exchange it?
    Last time I got a miu2 bag and after few weeks I realize that there is a torn on the side of the bag so I went bag to NM and exchagne it and they were happy to do that.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, v helpful, I bought the damn thing on eBay so the option of bringing it back to the store is out, though I did email the seller so hopefully she'll have a spare part, so to speak. Good call on the MJ forum, thanks!
  5. Def. bring it back to where you bought it or call one of the MJ boutiques and see if they can help you.
  6. Even if you didn't buy the bag from an MJ boutique, they should be able to repair it for you. Although without a boutique receipt, it will likely cost you.

    Good luck!!! :yes:
  7. Aw, That's awful! I would be so upset! I hope that something gets worked out for you.