Marc Jacobs Stam Fall 2006 -- The best way to carry?

  1. Hi! I'm new to this board, am an English handbag fan (especially appreciative of Chloe and MJ), and waded over here looking for advice on the latest release of the Stam.

    I'm 5'3" and about 100lbs. I love the Stam, but one thing that is pretty crucial for me is how easy it is to carry. Can the newer Stams still be carried on your shoulder just by using the leather straps? How comfortable is it to carry using the attached chain? I've heard this is a heavy bag but that doesn't bother me too much if it can be effectively used as a shoulder bag.

    I'd also love to see any pictures of your Stams in action, especially the latest release! Many thanks for your help. :smile:
  2. Welcome:flowers:

    I have one of the newer stams, it's in patent Blush. I am able to carry it with the leather handles, but I would say it's not the easiest or most comfortable way to carry. I am the same height as you and manage to carry my MJ on the crook of my arm with the handles and if I want to carry on my shoulder, just use the gold chain, which keeps it in place quite well. As for the weight, it is quite heavy, but mine has the linen lining which does make it slightly less heavy. Best thing to do is go and try one on in the store and see what you think! I do love my:heart: MJ Stam:heart: and I am sure you will too. Good luck!
  3. ^I agree with the advice about trying the bag on. I'm your height, but a heavier, and I'm able to carry the newer Stam on my shoulders - but only because it's the summer right now. I definitely won't be able to wear it on my shoulder once the colder weather hits. I don't often wear my bag withthe chain - I feel that it adds to the weight.
  4. I don't wear my bag by the chain because I feel that it might be bad for the bag. You can do it though. I'm a few pounds heavier than you and about the same height and I have no problem carrying the bag on my shoulder. It was kind of tight and irritating when I first got it but I've found that the handles have kind of gotten a little bit longer and it's fine now. I have no problem carrying the leather loops over my shoulder.