marc jacobs/stam experts- difference between IVORY and WHITE CHIFFON?

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  1. the SA at the melrose store is saying that the IVORY is actually lighter than the WHITE CHIFFON.

    can any MARC JACOBS expert girls let me know if the two shades are similar, which is more closer to white, or have any pics you can share?

    really appreciate it and thank you!

    oh, did the quilted stam (not patchwork) ever come out in pure a white color?
  2. i contemplated buying the stam in both the ivory and white chiffon. my SA at Saks told me that ivory is more of a cream, while white chiffon is more of a white with yellow undertones. i didnt like the sound of "yellow undertones." i thought it would make my complexion sallow so i bought the ivory stam, which seemed to compliment my skin more.

    I'm pretty sure that the stam was made in a pure white, but I think that was an old season. Right now, the closest thing to white in the stores are white chiffon and ivory.
  3. thank you so much for the info.

    i am thinking of buying the IVORY stam...

    is it hard to take care of? pretty heavy?
  4. i just bought it last week so im not much of an expert. i haven't even used it yet b/c i haven't had a chance to bust out my applegarde products. but i'm going to spray it with the applegarde protectant. it is heavy tho! even empty but i'm willing to sacrifice. i love it!
  5. There's never been a pure white stam before, but these are the cream colored stams that were released: Ivory, Chalk, Blush, Pearl, and White Chiffon. Chalk(patent leather) is probably the whitest out of all, but no longer available in stores from what I know.
  6. I have the ivory stam as well. I've had it for about a month now, and ADORE it. One difference that the SA maybe didn't mention to you is that the white chiffon's stitching is less of a contrast than the ivory's. I like that the ivory is creamier, but both of them are definitely NOT white.

    Where are you planning on getting the ivory from? I was told that mine was the last one in the MJ company. Maybe from one of the dept. stores? I'd love to get something else ivory, too!
  7. couturefemme, how has your appleguard treatment been holding up? im particularly concerned about the handles. any problems with stains? did you get the apple conditioner too?

    I bought my ivory stam last week at Sak's!
  8. ^^ YAY! I love talking to fellow ivory stam owners! ;)
    My appleguard treatment has been holding up great! (although I am interested in shining monkey, if only FI would let me borrow it!) My biggest pet peeve about the bag is that I'm starting to get little nicks on the frame of the bag. Right at the top corner of the bag on BOTH sides! I assume it's from my chain, but I can't imagine how. I'll take pictures tonight and show you! The handles however, haven't the slightest tinge of dirty! I even brought the stam with me to Vegas over Memorial Wknd and it's still gorgeous!

    I went to our Saks, wasn't loving the selection of bags! But I'm so happy you found your ivory stam there!

  9. did u gets urs on pre-sale?
  10. yup! at saks. i'm lagging on posting pics but i will soon!
  11. omg. nicks?! i plan on only using the handles so hopefully i won't run into that problem of the chain nicking the purse.

    im so glad to know that appleguard works wonders on the stam, especially the handles. i cant wait to spray it and take her out on the town for a spin!
  12. i'm planning on getting it from saks. as of yesterday, they had the ivory little stam on sale for 30% at south coast plaza saks.

    i haven't actually seen the ivory or white chiffon in person, only the ivory on websites...

    i was intially looking for a white bag... hopefully the ivory will have to do b/c i love the shape/design of stam, not to mention the leather quality and details!
  13. personally, i love the ivory stam. The yellow undertones of the white chiffon weren't flattering for my coloring. However, they're pretty similar. I'd suggest going into a dept store or MJ store to see white chiffon in person.

    Check out Nordstrom's. I think I read somewhere on TPF that there are white chiffon large stams on pre-sale
  14. oooh, can't wait to see them!
  15. I must admit that I'm not the most careful of gals, but the AG really does seem to be doing it's job. And FYI, I did use a thin layer of the condioner before I sprayed.

    And yes! NICKS! I really can't imagine how else they got there. They're almost GRAY colored. I'm too scared to do anything to them besides rub gently with my fingertip. It's not that noticeable to anyone besides me, my FI thinks I'm insane for even noticing them at all. But they're definitely there! :yes: