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Marc Jacobs Stam Bag - The New "it" Bag

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Nov 27, 2005
Hi, for anyone looking for a brand new Marc Jacobs Stam bag in Black, you're in luck! I'm getting 4 of these wonderful bags on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and I'm posting them on Ebay. As all of you already know, it's sold out everywhere, just like the paddington was months ago. They retail for $1200.00, but all fashionista's that want one are shelling out almost $1900.00 to get one. The likes of Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and other fashion icons are toting this bad boy around. Sold out at Saks, Neiman, Barney's, eluxury, netaporter, etc., this is the best present any girl would want for Christmas. I'm personally giving one to my girlfriend, so I'll have 3 to sell. Check out my auctions in a day or two or email me before hand to your hands on one. The black one is the hardest color to get and the most versatile. I'm selling them for $1900, which is what they are going for right now. It may actually go higher with the holiday coming, and hardly any black stam bags on Ebay.

Here's a link to my auctions: I sell nothing but high end couture clothing and bags. Mostly men's Dolce & Gabbana.


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