Marc Jacobs Stam bag help!

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  1. Once again I don't have the pleasure of seeing this bag in person and wanted to know in your opinon what is the best color to order? Is this bag easy to take care of? How many different kind of colors do they come in anyways?
    thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know the answer to any of thse questions, except that Fashion Valley NM has a black stam sitting out there all lonely. If you decide to get one, their number is 619 692 9100.

    Good luck! Personally, I didn't like them as much as I did in the pictures when I saw it. Maybe it was the color also, but I found the leather a little too shiny and it felt bit different to me. The prettiest one I saw was in a similar style was a bright burgundy type red color. The blue is nice too. Just not my style though when I came to see it up close.
  3. Best thing is to do a little more research. Search the forums. There's tons of posting about the stam.

    I have an icy taupe, nappa black, and a patent chalk and think the taupe is a great winter color, the black is the most versatile, and the chalk is the prettiest! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
  4. Thanks Greenie would please post some pix of your own bags for me please? thanks
  5. Moe-you can also go to the members' bag showcase section and goto my collection. I have a picture of a putty and a black stam in the thread. Both are from this '06 spring/summer collection, calf leather w/shiny hardware. HTH!
  6. Here's a pic of the taupe and the black. The taupe is from fw/05 and the hardware is bronzish. The black is from ss/06 cruise and the hardware is shiny, but the interior is bordeaux suede.

    I don't have a pic of the chalk yet. (been lazy) :blink:

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  7. :love: = the Stam is totally growing on me! Love your bags greenie.

    i'd go for a blue colour in the Stam... i think there are a couple of blues in the collection... i think Lohan has a blue one - and thats a wonderful colour! :amuse:
  8. I don't like these bags at all. If I'm going to pay for a quilted, chain-handled bag, I'm buying Chanel. ;)
  9. MOE-i havee the same cravingggs noww!!!would kill for a MJ putty stam bagg!!!!i'm in a dilemma and was thinking of getting the white(chalk is it?) black or petrol blue.I don't knoww which one to get!!!!!
    do you think the bag is outdated already??should i still get it???
    Have you gotten yours Moe?or have you forgotten about it alreadyy..hehehe...
  10. I didn't get mine yet but i'm starting to not want it anymore...... the shiny leather is not that great. i think i'm going to pass and it does look kinda like a chanel knock off (the leather anyways).
  11. I have the Putty in Nappa leather! I dont find the leather too shiny quite the contrary! I love my Putty and only wish I could use mummy dearests' CC to splurge on a Black, (locate a Petrol) and a Ivory! & Chalk!!

    I adore mine and since its very rare to have one over here in Sydney I'm happy ppl turn around to check out my bag and I cant help but feel bad that they will have to do all the run around I did
  12. i feel the same way elegant-patty...
    i might get either the petrol,ivory,or chalk..
    ivory is the pinkish one rite?and chalk the white one?
    if i do get it i'll update everyone some pictures...=)