Marc Jacobs Stam-Anyone got it?

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  1. Just purchased it on Ebay (very impulsive). Still in the mail, and already half nauseas from having purchased from Ebay. Crossing my fingers (and everything else) that it's real. For those of you that own, tell me how I will know it's real FOR SURE? Any tell-tale signs? Will be here in a couple of days........Bought it in Taupe.........thanks for any kinda help......... still nauseas..........gulp
  2. what's the auction number?
    Like most popular highend bags on ebay.. 95% are fake.. sad to say but it's true.
  3. Pictures? I don't know what the stam looks like.
  4. I just got one from Saks. Taupe. I'll post pix.

    What did you pay on ebay?
  5. Auction # 6832526554. Hoping against all hope that this is the 5%!!!! I'm in Canada, and I could not get my hands on the Stam by any means, so I resorted to Ebay. You know how it is when one cannot get the bag she's been dying for! Ended up paying $800. I may have to use the return policy....... Greenie, what's the number inside the inner pockets F--605 or something? I know that's the style no. Sadly, Saks doesn't ship here, and NM didn't was all sold out. Thanks for pix.
  6. It looks really cute and I hope it's part of those 5% that are real. I don't know enough about this bag so I can't help you. The seller has great feedback, but that isn't always a clear sign.

    But, she sold a spybag for $177 , that's not a good sign.. :sad: Can you varify it in a store in your area and send it back if it's not auth?? $800 is a lot to pay for a fake.
  7. yea looking at her past auctions, she sells fake spys. that's usually a red flag. i'd send it back.
  8. The bag is not real. Like fayden said, Check out her other fake bags
    Did you call MJ in SF? I am sure they ship to canada. Also, you can special order from saks thru their live chat same as NM.
    Atleast, you can return it for full refund.
  9. I'll probrably have to do that. I have a feeling I'll know when I actually feel it..........Saks won't ship, tried, so really bumber. And NM is ALWAYS sold out. But haven't tried MJ in SF (so that may be my next step). Although tried the one in LA, and Asia. See what happens when a girl obsess over a bag too much??? EBAY!!!!! At least was not stupid enough to bid on one without return *sigh*!!! Will post when I get it this week!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me girl!!!
  10. First of all, you can waitlist at the MJ boutique. I'm wait listed for a black or blue stam in the nappa. They should be avail in Jan. Not the icy leather though, they're not doing the icy anymore, that's the taupe I got from Sax.

    The tag on the inside of zipper section (tag is black with white letters) is F05610.

    The MJ tag has C352065 Taupe on it. I paid $1200. I haven't seen any marked down.

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  11. I don't know...looking at those pix on ebay, the bag looks real. But it's not the icy leather. It looks like the nappa.

    Hard to tell without having it in your hands. The leather is soft, but not really squishy, kinda of squishy (does that make sense?). I had to keep the stuffing in the bag to get it to stand up. Otherwise it's kind of squishy.

    Oh well, good luck, it hope its real. Although, if I were you, I'd send it back and either waitlist at the MJ boutique or Net-a-porter will have some too in January.
  12. I just can't imagine.. a seller who have sold fake spy bags
    and other stams at $400 on one day auction at would sell a authentic bag.
  13. No way if it's real does it go for less than retail.
  14. Yeah, I think I'll know when I touch it and feel it. Seller told me she has family in Greece and can purchase from employee acc. Plausible??
    Does the fact that they offer refunds mean anything really?
    Is Final Conclusion NO EBAY ever???????????
    If everything goes wrong, this is one EXPENSIVE LESSON!!!!!
  15. Greenie, ENVY your bag.......I'm drooling.....................