Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Runway Show

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  1. Its gonna start soon ladies!
  2. OMG The lights are off!
  3. #3 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    Thats hats are nuts! A lot of clutches. Back in the day IMO, not sure what time. Some of the outfits are nuts. The end of the catwalk was cool, I love how Marc got to walk the catwalk! And done!
    So what did you think?


    Heres Marc after the show:


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  4. I read somewhere that pops of color such as cobalt blue will be hot for next Spring. Yet Marc went in the other direction. A very muted color pallette; orchids, corals, plums, ochres and browns. I thought the petal embellishments were just part of the accessories, but it looks like some are part of the garment. Also, some of his prints reminded me of Missoni. And your right, Angel - lot of clutches. Thanks for sharing!
  5. whoops..sorry i didn't see this thread too!