Marc Jacobs Special items in NY

  1. Hi everybody!
    I'm going to NY from Italy from Friday to Wednesday... and I'll be looking for Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items...could you give me a little hint? what's the marc jacobs store where i can find pretty much the entire collection?

    What is the best day to go there?

    can I find what is listed on the website or the collection in the store is quite different?

    Thank you very much for your answers and sorry for my English :sad:

  2. Pretty much everything that is listed on the MJ website for Special Items are available at the MbyMJ store except for items that are limited to a particular location, e.g. the Chicago rainboots will only be available in Chicago. As for stores, you should be able to look for the location that has the MJ collection items under the Company.

    I'm sure you'll have a blast and your English sounds perfectly fine! :flowers:
  3. the west village is pretty much one stop marc shopping. all three marc by marc jacobs boutiques (women's, men's, and special items) are located within a block of each other on bleecker street. on west 4th, which is a street over is the new collection store where you'll find the more expensive shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes. across the street from that, is little marc, which sells adorable clothing for kids. depending on where you are, you can walk there, take a cab, or ride the subway. nearest subway stops are the 1, a/c/e, or b/d/v/f. have fun shopping in ny!
  4. 403 bleecker street for most special items! the village is kind of hard to navigate for tourists (i always get stopped by people asking where bleecker st is) but you can always stop someone on the street and ask for directions. maybe i'll see you there!