Marc Jacobs Sophia modelling pics

  1. I have just got one (not arrived yet) and can't search for piccies and was wondering if anyone had any modelling pics? Or pics of celebs with it? Does anyone have the one of J.Lo with the ****e one?
  2. Anyone have pics of themselves modelling it?
  3. im getting a sophia in the mail too! mm.. i havent found many sophia modeling pics but lemme run a search...

    this is from diana37
  4. Here's one of mine..
  5. Thanks guys! It looks lush!

  6. Love that color!
  7. Thanks! When I first got into MJ, I wanted a Blake or Venetia.. maybe a Pomegranate, Black or Green color... but when I found this bag I realized all I'd ever really wanted was a Peacock Sophia and I never even knew it! :love: It's definitely my favorite bag/color combo.
  8. i dont understand why they discontinued the sophia! especially since ive only recently got into mj. the flat strap makes me better than the multipocket and.. i just love it! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. is mine..sorry the pics aren't the greatest!!!:upsidedown:
    purses 057.jpg purses 068.jpg purses 064.jpg
  10. ^ oo i think im getting the same one! ill have to see when i get it in the mail.