Marc Jacobs Sofi Classic Hobo...Comments please

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  1. Please can you let me know what you think of this bag, personally i think this is one of the better marc jacobs bag. it's also available in black. Thoughts the bordeaux or black.

  2. Isn't it available in petrol also? Petrol is such a lovely colour...
  3. I like the red.
  4. I like the red too. Don't know why, but this bag reminds me of Jimmy choo mahala!!!
  5. Cute bag...can't tell from the picture, but is the leather soft or stiff?
  6. Very nice, love the red.
  7. I like it! One of MJ's better designs, IMO.
  8. the shape and color are nice. however, i find the pieced leather combined with all the pushlocks too busy for my taste. JMO.

  9. ITA, first reaction when i saw it was Jimmy choo.......
    i think the burgandy is lovely!
  10. Thank you all, i have not seen the bag in person, but i think the leather is s'posed to be real soft. And agree definitely has the jimmy choo feel. I may go for the burgundy, more fun
  11. This burgandy is a beauty!
  12. I think it's gorgeous and functional!
  13. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and the shape. I agree, it's def. one of the better MJ's.
  14. definitely the bordeaux, it does look like the jimmy choo mahala. nice bag!!
  15. It's a great bag. I love the red and the petrol colours. The exposed zipper in front isn't for me, but other than that, it's a fantastic bag!