Marc Jacobs Silver MultiPocket from 2006- Where to find!??

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if anyone can help me track down a Silver MJ Small Multipocket bag. I am looking for a NEW one from 2006. I know they stock them at the boutiques, but I would like to find one with a return policy- and on SALE!

    Has anyone seen one in the summer sales????
    PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

    Thanks girlies!
  2. Yes, I know has one, but I am hoping to find one on sale!! Does anyone know??
  3. Seems like bluebeeonline's the only online retailer with Silver MJ bags left right now. The chance of metallic items going on sale is higher than basic colors like Black/White, but you have to take the chance of the items being available when that time comes. Elux recently discounted some metallic MJ bags including Blake/Multipocket in Metallic Gold, Silver would probably be included but they have already sold out before the sale.

    You can always call bluebeeonline and ask if they will be discounting their items any time soon. Also try MJ/Saks/Nordstrom/NM/BG/Bloomies/etc. Good luck. =)

    I recently bought Blake in Linen at regular price from shoptwigs -- their very last one (at that time, bluebeeonline had 1 left as well -- sold now). A Nordstrom SA just told me that all items from Soft Calf line in Linen are discounted at 40% off -- doesn't do any good b/c they are completely sold out everywhere.
  4. The vegas store had silver and gold, but not on sale. Make friends with a salesperson and I'm sure they will notify you if it gets marked down.
  5. I think the silver is one of those colors that either sells out or is slow to get marked down. The bag originally came out in 2004. I recently asked Bluebee about their sales and was told that they don't do a sale until October.... So if you REALLY want a silver multi-pocket, you might have to pay full price.

    I'd also check with the MJ stores and see what they know... But since it didn't get marked down in this last wave of Spring merchandise sales, I think it sorta indicates that it's more like a classic/basic that doesn't get marked down. But it never hurts to ask!