Marc Jacobs Silver (larger) hardware..classic?

  1. Okay ladies, I have a question for you all!!!!!!!!!

    Marc Jacobs recently made their hardware smaller and GOLD. (like the silver better).

    Are the old styles (with larger silver hardware) CLASSIC? Or if you saw them on the street you'd think "last year, dated"??

    JUST WONDERIN'........... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That's an interesting question. I wonder the same thing about their colors, like, whether someone will see the color of my bag and think it's dated. What do you ladies think?
  3. Classic! I love the old MJ stuff, and if I saw you walking around with older MJ bags, I would think you're a long time MJ fan
  4. JMO but i think that bags are like a good pair of jeans, you don't just throw 'em out b/c you get a new pair :wlae:
  5. I think the silver hardware is slightly dated. I still love them, but they seem a little mid 90's. Personally I am obsessed with the intense gold hardware and think it seems more classic. (ala Chanel)
  6. I think it's classic, so personally, whenever I see any silver hardware bag I don't think outdated at all, just good taste.
  7. ^ Perfectly said! I agree! :heart: Emmy
  8. I just got one with silver hardware. Even though I like gold on certain colors or pieces, I prefer brass or silver in general. So there elimiminated silver all together? That's too bad.
  9. I think the silver larger pushlock hardware is classic .. :smile:
  10. The hardware is the same size, you must be referring to the large and regular size multipockets; both are still available.

    Some MJ bags still have silver hardware, ie. certain colors of Resort 06's SWEET PUNK line.

    Gold vs silver hardware is one of the most discussed topics, it's a matter of personal preference. Gold is dressier than silver.

    gold vs silver