Marc Jacobs shoes

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  1. Well, I have never saw a pair of MJ shoes apart from once on a window of a store because there are few places where you can buy MJ in my area. But we are going to have seasonal sale starting from the 5th January so I wish to buy something! :graucho:
    Today I also saw the attached MJ shoes on, they are 100% made of rubber so I think they won't be really good for a daily use. But still they looks so cute!! I have wide feet, are MJ better for a narrow feet? :confused1:
    Do you like MJ flats?:love:
  2. I like MJ flats, and owned 2 pairs of the ballet flats (with the bows) from a few seasons ago. Mine are covered in satin, so I can't speak to the rubber ones. But the ones I have are quite comfortable. I would say they are wider than London Sole flats for comparison.
  3. I've never tried London Sole flats sorry!
    I hope I could find something, I found a nice pair on Luisaviaroma but they are on sale so not returnable, I must check my size before buying! :sad:
  4. I have a pair a MJ flats...and I had to get a whole size larger then my norm. HTH!
  5. ^ This is good to know! Thank you!
  6. MJ shoes in general seem to run small. I have a size 8 foot that is on the wider side so I normally buy size 8.5M. In MJ I had to buy size 9 for strappy open toe heels.

    As for flats I don't wear them because they make my feet look boats (basically ugly and fat).
  7. I wear a size 9 for Banana Republic, 8 for J crew. What size should I take for MbyMJ? I'm thinking of getting the Mary Jane flats online. Does anyone know where I can find MbyMJ? There isn't any MbyMJ boutiques here in DC for me to try the sizes. :crybaby:


    Any advise? TIA! :heart:
  8. I also had a pair of MJ bow flats that I looooved and wore to death (perhaps the same as bubbleloba's, only in suede.) Great quality. That was a couple of years ago, and I had to wear a whole size up from my regular American size. And I have narrow feet!

    I saw the rubber flats in stores but they are really not the same as the rest of MJ shoes, comfort or quality-wise. I mean, they are a big slab of rubber. Personally I would rather get real shoes.
  9. MbMJ's sizing varies per shoe (or so I've found). You could call up a store and see if they'll give you toe to heel measurements
  10. Eluxury has those on sale right now:

    I have these. I recommend you size up a half size. These are not narrow either, I suspect they were designed to be worn with socks.