Marc Jacobs Shoe sizing..all over the place.

  1. Marc Jacobs has long been known to make among the tiniest shoes around. I am usually a 36.5 or 36,but in MJ I've reliably been a 37 since 2003.

    Anyway this season his shoes have been ENORMOUS!!!! My local boutique that stocks Marc by Marc shoes only ordered from a size 37 up because in previous years that's what sold. My feet rattled around helplessly in the enormous shoe.I couldn't buy anything from her store:cry: .

    I've just bought the strappy peep toe shoes from,and thank goodness I listened to their editor's note which said that the shoe runs large. The size 36 fits with a little room to spare.

    From one extreme to the next...what,if anything,could he possibly be thinking?:wacko:
  2. That's good news for me... At last, I'll be able to wear his size 41s...
  3. Ditto :biggrin: I've always liked his shoes, but never bought them because they usually ran so small. i have my eye on a pair, so this is good.
  4. :lol: Maybe there are more people like you guys who can't find shoes big enough,than people like me who are worried that soon there won't be any small enough. LOL!
    As long as he doesn't make them any bigger. Or if he does I suppose I'll just buy other shoes:biggrin: .
  5. I really like his shoes also but they never fit right. Got my very first MJ shoes 3 weeks ago though.
  6. I think that the sales went down due to sizing not being typical, and return costs were running high - think about how many people actually bought a pair of shoes online only to return them - those costs can be pretty heavy. just a not a mj representative lol
  7. I'm sure that was it,monablu...but now they've gone the other need a smaller size than you would for a normal brand:amuse: .
  8. Wow, really? I want those sparkly ballet flats (I'm going to my friend's prom), but I've been scared to order them because I'm not sure of their sizing, now I have to find them so I can try them on in person.
  9. Hmmm, I've been eyeing a pair on NAP, but they say they are small fitting, what should I do now?
  10. i thought mj wedges ran tiny this season. my toes hung over edges, not a look i like....
  11. If NAP says they're small,get a half size up. They actually have someone try every style of shoe they have:biggrin: .

    Someone mentioned the sparkly ballet flats...I tried them in in the shop (I don't normally like sparkly shoes,I was just that desperate) and they are huge.
  12. can u post pics?
  13. Of what?
  14. I wear a marc 37 1/2, eventhough I'm a standard US 7.. . but I get away with some 37s with his more openback/flexible shoes.
  15. I personally think that the company that MJ uses to make their shoes is just horrible- the quality, sizing, everything! The designs are cute, but for what you pay for these shoes, you could buy better quality at Payless! Disgraceful!