Marc Jacobs, shame on you!

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  1. I saw this on Bergdorf's site. This is suppose to be the "look of the season".

    What's with the hardware & lock?

  2. Imitation may be the finest form of flattery......but this signals the beginning of the end(of my interest in Marc Jacobs). It's already bad enough that I feel everything he's produced is of poor quality.
  3. LOL!!!!! I've never been a fan of Marc Jacobs and this alone should explain why! LMAO!!!!
  4. eeeeeeeeeeek a Chanel/Hermes mutant.
  5. chanel/hermes mutant is right! FUGLY
  6. LOL! How true, rose! It's hideous.
  7. Wow...this is just ugly (no offense to MJ fans!)...
  8. Eye sore...quick...kill it before it multiplies!:tdown:
  9. Personally I find many of his things to be way over rated and he hasn't had an original idea in long while. Many of his famous handbag styles were lifted from bags from the 1960's. His stole the quilting from Chanel and now the lock from Hermes! Time for him to go to style rehab instead of drug rehab!
  10. :yes::yes:
  11. Wasn't marc jacobs doing the Chanel quilt last year?

  12. While this bag is beyond ugly, iy's not really a "blatant ripoff". Maybe it just shows that some need to take some time off tPF? ;) It looks nothing like a chanel, besides the quilting. And hello, it's QUILTING. I can appear anywhere.
  13. Marc jacob has been designing some weird things lately. I will admit that he was good when he first came out, however, I think he has lost his inspiration. The last couple of seasons I have been extremely dissappointed by him.

    This particular design is just making things even worse >_<
  14. ugh! Yuck! That is just a mishmash of crazy! MJ never did it for me.
    back when I was a fan of LV, I hated most of the stuff he came up with because he put those very "mj-ish" press locks on everything. Yuck. He's definitely running out of ideas.

    This just proves it!!!
  15. OK this would be okay in black but not in that color combo.
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