Marc Jacobs scans from Harpers Bazaar!

  1. Those are some crazy pictures!! Looks like they had a lot of fun!
  2. I couldn't read the print, but the pics are great! Thanks!
  3. The article should be readable. They are sized big enough to be able to read. Maybe your computer just minimized them onscreen. :confused1:
  4. What did they do to him in rehab?:wtf:. Thanks for the article. Uhm,I'm going to be feeling weird in all my MJ shoes now...
  5. Those pics are crazy! I actually have that issue but hadn't opened it up yet.

    While processing at the hair salon today I read an interview with MJ that's in the current issue of Glamour. He was very cute and quite funny. :smile: The issue has Claire Danes, Queen Latifah and Mariska Hargitay on the cover.
  6. Those ARE some really crazy pictures! LOL! I love 'em though. They seem so quintessential Naomi and Marc! Love it!

    I also read the Glamour article, luvpurses! Isn't he charming?
  7. I love the pictures of him and Naomi from 1989 and 1992. I miss his old look.
  8. Thanks for scanning the article and pics! I enjoyed the article. :smile:
  9. Thanks for uploading the article. They look so cute!