Marc Jacobs Satchel.. What Color ???

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  1. [​IMG]I need help.....literally....!! another bag decision!!!! you like this color or should I stick to the usual BLACK?
  2. Ooooo, what a cute bag!
    I am very boring, all of my bags are red or black. I like that color, but I would never buy it. I vote for black.
  3. If you're looking for a more casual look--i.e. jeans. That nutmeg color is great. Plus you can use the color year around. Look through your closet and see if it'd work with your clothes. If not, then go for black. It also comes in cream--that's a nice option too!
  4. I like this one! Black is
  5. Both colors are good . . . so I think the deciding factor should be which color you don't have (or have less of) in your current bag collection.
  6. I like this particular bag in black.
  7. I like the contrast between the black and the gold accents.
  8. Either color would be great. IMO, so many bags lose their appeal in black but I think this one looks great in black.
  9. I haven't seen it in black but i love this color
  10. That's a great color! If you already have a black bag I think you should go with this one!
  11. I would pick this color- I think it shows off the bag beautifully. Then again, the black is gorgeous!

    (I'm no help!!!!)
  12. Either black or this nutmeg would be nice. Go for whichever color you think you'd use more!
  13. Oooh I love this colour, I think black may be a little too conservative !
  14. I would go with the nutmeg too. I bought a Tod's bag in that color a month or so ago and I was concerned that it might not go with anything, but it actually goes with alot more that you would think! I get alot of use out of it.
  15. Go with the camel color. Its neutral like black, goes with everything but will give you some color.