Marc Jacobs satchel...$499.99

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  1. Orig. price $1200 Black sting Rachel ( I think was the name) @ Nordies in MD!!!
    On hold under Ali... ask for Mary (410)296-2111 handbag department:tup:
  2. Did anybody grab this deal????
  3. Just got another call from mary she has more MJ'S IN. not sure which styles but their medium to large in size. 50% off!!!!!!
  4. (doubtful) but any stam mjs? Or something similar??
  5. ^^^ I don't think so. She told me the names of the bags but I forgot:shame:, I do remember her saying black & leather:yes:.
  6. Any Deborah bags by any chance?
  7. Sorry, I don't remember which bags she has but give her a call she's very nice. She will give you all the info you need:yes:....