Marc Jacobs Sale On Saks. Let Me Know If You Want!

  1. Hi gals!
    From a thread in another subforum, I found out that some Marc Jacobs bags are on sale. 30-40% off retail price on I was scared that once it was posted on they would sell out quick. And since I can't get them right now (especially tempted by the perfo flap bag in whiskey worn by Nicole Richie in yellow!!!lol) I added them to my cart, so let me know really quick if you want one and I will remove it out of my cart. :heart: :roflmfao: :heart: Here is the small selection that they have on sale right now!
    mj.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg mj4.jpg mj5.jpg
  2. love2shop, you are so sweet. =)
    Julia looks nice. If anyone plans on placing on order, remember to use code SHOPMAY for an additional 10% off.
  3. of course their website is down!
  4. grrrr......what's the point of sending out all these e-mails saying you're having a sale when your site is down? :yucky:
  5. Their site ALWAYS does this on sale days!
  6. ladies, i already Xed out of the Saks window, but if your lookin for a great deal head over to NM or Saks. Thats what i'm doing. Bye gals! wish me luck!