Marc Jacobs Sale Bloomingdales- SF

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  1. TONS of Marc Jacobs bags are going on sale for 30% off at bloomingdales in SF. The presale has started, and the sale starts May 30th...but they will go fast. All the striping, all bal harbour collection (lou and little lou), all irina collection, all the mix quilted, some quilted ( midler, tote, banana hobo), and some soft calf. :smile:
  2. thanks for the heads up!!

    do you know if this sale is the "spend $150, get $15 gc" one?
  3. yikes! I might have to hit that store when I'm in town!
  4. no it's not, but i know this weekend if you open a card it's and extra 20 percent.
  5. thanks :smile:
  6. is there a difference in discount during a presale and the official sale date?

  7. is this just in california or this a nationwide bloomie's sale? *praying for a striping hudson bag*
  8. Do you think the Navy color from resort will go??? mags
  9. will any stams be on sale?
  11. I was thinking of the Stams too..... Also is this just in Bloomies SF or is this going on at other Bloomies as well? :confused1:
  12. I'm pretty sure it's bloomies nationwide. Topaz stam is on sale, but it's impossible to find.
  13. Do you know if quilted elise will be on sale?? Ahhh! I'd just die!!
  14. ok, gotta skip school for this one. j/p ;) well maybe not. gotta see this weekend if they have anything i like first. he he he
  15. stopped by sf bloomie's & neiman's today to compare the sale prices for mj. my conclusion: neiman's had a MUCH better selection for mj's on sale. at neiman's they had a topaz baby stam, a metallic patchwork stam, and hudsons, and topaz quilted hobos, just to name a few. there was an ENTIRE table of mj's in an assortment of colors and styles! at least 5-6 other styles that I weren't familiar with. the MJ section alone is worth it! i also stopped to look at dior, miu miu, and some bbags. i wish i wasn't on a purse ban. :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.