Marc Jacobs @ Saks Off Fifth

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  1. Hello everyone, I was @ Saks Off Fifth Avenue today and I saw two Mar Jacobs leather bags, they were about 500 and aditional 20%off. If you are located in SoCal you might want to stop by The Chelsea Premium outlets in Petaluma, CA. to check them out.

    The bags look a lot like this one, they have black and brown, it was the biggest purse I've seen, You might be even able to place a phone order. Hubby was irritated and I didnt really ask. I thought I' share with you.


  2. That's such a nice tote! With 20% off, does that mean you got it for about $400? :nuts: Awesome deal - congrats!!
  3. Great deal, thanks for sharing!
  4. beautiful!