Marc Jacob's Ryder

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice if anyone has any to give...

    What do people think of the Marc Jacob's new season Ryder bag? In black? I'm not sure whether to get it or not even though daddy has kindly consented to the purchase.

    I thought that maybe the style (quilted, ruffled handle) might be a bit 'of the moment' and look rather passé in the coming seasons. Perhaps I'm better off getting a Balenciaga or Prada or whatever other more classic design? However, I do love the bag..... Any thoughts?

    It's a pretty expensive bag (especially with the ridiculous prices they charge for such goods here in Kiev, Ukraine!), so I'd like to be sure!

    Cheers! :smile:
  2. I think it's a really pretty bag, it's one of my favorites for this season. I also think it might be more of a trend bag, it definitely won't have the staying power of a bbag city. It does have a classic style to it and could possibly last for a while.

    I say if you love it, then go for it!! But if you're not sure, sit on it for a while and look at other bags until you make your decision which one you like best.

    Here's a photo for those who don't know which bag we're referring to:
  3. Thanks, was just about to post that link. Here's another showing the black:

    I just recently bought a Dolce and Gabbana back in patent leather with quilting too, so I think paying the $1800 is a lot for a trend that I've already bought into. Though what with Chanel's classic quilting, I guess it's not a trend that'll ever entirely fade away...

    I'm really unsure. The problem here is that there is next to no selection so if I want a bag here I don't have a lot of choice. Had better wait till I go abroad to purchase a bag I guess.

    Thanks for your help Thithi! :winkiss:
  4. The slate color is very pretty. This bag is indeed gorgeous but I don't think it will be very functional to me. The size of this bag is pretty big already, then add with long handles, on top of that adding with the chain strap. It's just too much. The comfort is questionable and it seems it will be a pretty heavy bag. I would get this bag if I could justify myself to spend that much money just so I could stare at it at home instead of using it :p
  5. I love this bag in black. I wonder if it will go on sale soon?
  6. I think the quilted looks are classic. I know they have recently emerged as the "it" trend right now but Chanel has been doing it for decades. This is a very feminine bag so if this matches your style, it might be a good fit.