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  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Diego, I work for Marc Jacobs in Repairs Department @ Secaucus NJ.
    Many people from this forum have e-mailed me which I appreciate.
    I willbe here posting once in a while to help you.

    When you need a repair for collection bags you need to request a SRO #
    call at 866.458.5534
    or e-mail at

    Please do not call any more to Moda Express.


    Our warranty includes Marc Jacobs Collection handbags bought within the past 18 months. Sometimes we made exceptions and we do not repairs some bags but we provide you with the hardware.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks to process if we cannot repair the bag here in USA , we have to send it to the factory in Italy which takes 6-8 weeks.

    Please note that Marc Jacobs do not clean orrefurbish bags, an excellent third party site in NYC would be;
    Modern Leather Goods
    Tony Pecorella

    After we assigned the sro(SERVICE REPAIR ORDER) send your bag to:

    Moda Express
    attn: Diego
    UNIT A
    900 Secaucus Road
    Secaucus NJ 07094

    by the way, today febreuary 1 is my Birthday!! LOL!!!

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks for the information! Happy birthday Diego!! :balloon:
  3. Oh, thanks for sharing the information and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :king::drinkup:
  4. Happy Birthday Diego!!!!
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  6. this is really useful information. thanks for posting.

    happy birthday! i hope you get good presents. :king:
  7. wow- what a nice idea for you to come here and help us out deigo! it's very much appreciated.

    :balloon: and a very happy birthday!! :balloon:
  8. hey mods- maybe we should make deigo's thread a sticky- so if people need to ask him something they can always just go to his thread?
  9. Thanks Diego, have a great birthday! :flowers:
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  12. Diego is awesome! This is sooo coool that TPF is getting so important people from MJ even come here....Very useful info.:goodpost:

    HAPPY B-DAY DIEGO!!!!:balloon::yahoo:
  13. Thanks diego! youre awesome! helped me with my lost chain :tup:

  14. Thank you Diego, we really appreciate the info. Happy Bday as well!
  15. Thank you Diego!! Happy Birthday!!

    I hope to see you on here more! :yes:
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