Marc Jacobs Recruit Saddle Bag

  1. Hi everyone! I have become interested in this bag after a friend bought it in olive green. Any owners of this bag care to share its pros and cons? I am thinking of using it for hands free days and travelling. Appreciate any feedback! 27554070-ca4f-42c4-bfda-a63a1a9dc4e7.jpg
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  2. IMG_0712.jpg

    A modeling picture. It looks perfect for travelling.
  3. I have this. Pros: it's got lots of pockets and places to stash things, like inside the flap, which goes all the way to the back, an open pocket on back for a cell phone and the zip pocket on front for stuff like keys or a transit card or work ID. Stand on its own. Wide, comfortable strap. Cons: it's heavy, and if the strap isn't perfectly flat against your body it's uncomfortable.
  4. Thank you for sharing! It echoes most of the comments from the customers in Nordstrom. Now I am curious and need to try on that bag!
  5. I'll confirm that it's heavy. I eventually let mine go because of it.
  6. Thanks for chiming in! Yes, I tried it on and it was too heavy for my liking. My main intent is to use it for travel so it will not work.
  7. I love the smaller version of this bag and was looking into it for my trip to Europe next month but went with something else. I don't know if it comes in that green color, but I imagine it might be more lightweight!
    Nomad Recruit Small.JPG