Marc Jacobs Quilted Ursula Hobo

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there owns or knows about the MJ Quilted Ursula Hobo...Can you tell me what the inside is made out of? I'd love to get a sure answer from someone who is familiar with this bag. Thanks!
  2. I own an mj quilted hobo in lobster this the one you are talking about, it is in a patent like goatskin.
  3. The MJ I'm talking about is the medium size hobo, with the small pocket in the front. It is smaller than the bowler. It is called "Quilted Ursula Hobo" in patent leather.
  4. That is the one I have, what would you like to know?
  5. Mine, from Saks, has a beige cloth type interior, the fabric seems to be almost a soft canvas with a diagonal, thin, line-like pattern to it.
  6. Thanks alot habanerita!
    I own 3 Marc Jacobs handbags(a venetia, a limited edition stella and the multipocket hobo) and they all have a suede interior; but when I called eluxury to ask if the bag had a suede interior they said it did, but when I spoke to a Neiman Marcus Rep. he said it didn't. I am still confused. I was really into this bag, but now I'm not sure if I should get it. Please help!!!
  7. What color were you looking to get in the ursula bowler?-
  8. Hi,
    I actually was looking at the Ursula quilted hobo in the midnight blue. I think it is the perfect size....But I'm stuck in the interior not being suede:sad:
  9. My other mj's also have suede interiors, but I am in love with the quilted ursula hobo, I got it in lobster and just received it in moss green which I am debating whether to keep or return, by the way, the price I got from SA at Saks was $375 plus tax vs the high $600's that eluxury has the green on sale for......that is a huge difference!!!!
  10. ALL of the MJ quilted Ursula bags--bowler, Elise, hobo, etc. are lined ONLY in that canvas, linen material--no suede. I've noticed that a number of the Spring 2006 bags were also NOT lined in suede. I think he's changing the lining...
  11. Thank you so much!
    I am bummed by this! The prices are still as high and you are getting less for you money. I love the suede interior of my MJ bags. I still love his bags, but I was spoiled by his suede lining. I don't know if I can get used to not having a suede interior, it is just not MJ.
  12. Yup, all the quilted styles have canvas linings now. Most of the soft calf styles still have suede linings though.

    If Wicked & I are wrong, please feel free to correct us. =)
  13. Can someone send me a picture of the inside of this bag? I'd love to see what it looks like...Thanks
  14. Take a look at this listing of Lobster Ursula Bowler (another bag from the same line), there's a picture of the canvas lining.
  15. bump!

    Does anyone have modelling pics of this bag? Does it make a good evening bag? And how much can you fit in it?