Marc Jacobs quilted totes?

  1. [​IMG]

    Found these online for $98, and I have a coupon for 20% off.

    Does anyone know what design this is called?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hey hon, you've been posting a lot of non-legitimate sites lately.
  3. Sorry I wasn't sure if that site I got these from was legitimate. Should I not order from them? Unauthentic?
  4. If you have questions about authenticity you should post them here: --- Authenticate This MJ ---
  5. Thanks. I'll just drop my query since I can't post up the link to the website anywhere on TPF.
  6. those are real, but they aren't leather, they're pvc...
    you can get them at marc by marc stores...
    if you go to the marc jacobs website under "special items," you can see pics of them...

    the small quilted tote is $48 and the medium is $58 so that website is inflating the prices...
    you're better off getting one from a marc by marc store...
  7. She's right, a lot of the online bags are overpriced. I think I know what site you got those off of, they are legitimate site but banned from tpf because the owner was rude to several members.
  8. oooo I was looking at this bag today on the marc jacobs site, sooo cute! And kimair is right that its better to order from the actual MJ store :yes:
  9. I saw these today. They are cute. The large is really big!! :smile: