Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam in Black

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  1. I've been lusting after a Chanel Classic flap bag in Black Caviar for the longest time and I finally broke down and purchased it this week :love:

    Now I need to sell my MJ Stam to fund my Chanel. Anyone know what a reasonable sell price would be? It's been used 1x and still in pristine condition.
  2. What season/year is it? Just so you know though, eBay is really slow right now and bags are selling for much cheaper than usual.
  3. I know I'm in the minority, but I always say to start used handbags at 9.99 w/no reserve and let the buyers determine the selling price. If your purpose for buying the bag was to use it yourself and you have, then anything you sell it for is a profit -- I've always done this myself and ended up with great results (most of my bags ended about $100-200 higher than bags with higher opening bids and/or reserve prices). You'll save yourself some fees, PLUS you're likely to have more bids and the more bidders that participate, the higher the selling price!
  4. As Melly said ebay is super slow at the moment. You may want to wait until the fall to sell a black quilted bag, KWIM?
  5. Resort 07 :smile: Would I have better luck in the Fall?
  6. ^^ it's hard to speculate that far but if you absolutely need the money I would list it before the items get listed from this spring's MJ employee sale (which is supposed to be later this month). you would have more competition. You could also do a "BIN OBO" option where you BIN would be a higher amount- something you are hoping for, where bidders could submit Best Offers and you could select something reasonable if no one chooses to BIN... JMO
  7. P.S. I like iluvmybags suggestion. Just be sure to take good pics to prove authenticity because we all know there are way too many Fakes listed :rolleyes: You would want your listing to stand out! :yes:
  8. I agree with the low starting bid/no reserve. I hate when bags are listed too high. I don't even bother looking any further if the bag starts high. If it is an in-demand bag (as an authentic Black Stam is....), then I wouldn't worry too much about not selling it for a decent price.

  9. Hi,
    Are you going to list the bag on ebay? If so, when? I've been looking for an authentic black Stam. Are there scratches or defects?

  10. ^^don't try to buy here - it's against the rules.
    it's listed on a private forum

  11. sorry I'm new to this forum and I wasn't trying to buy the bag here. I was asking about ebay.
  12. no biggie - buyers & sellers just aren't allowed to discuss details like that here - sellers can't even say whether or not they've listed on ebay or not (many use the same ID so it wouldn't be hard to find) - I don't believe this bag is on ebay, however