Marc Jacobs quilted shoulder bag

  1. Here's a bag I haven't seen before. Don't like it.:sick: What do you think of it?
    $795 - I found it on Bloomingdale's website.
  2. Kat,

    Where's the pic ??
  3. Sorry, I am not a fan either.

    It's got a LOT of the things I don't care for (but I know everyone else loves them....). Quilted, gold hardware, too long and droopy shape...

    Nope, not my cup of tea!
  4. :blink: Unfortunately, it looks like a soggy white waffle on a chain - ew. Not digging it.
  5. Kat, I don't like the shape. It reminds me of messenger bags (not too fond of).
  6. icky!!!
  7. eww:sad2:
  8. Nay :/ I dont like long bags. Thats the thing that turned me off on the new Coach items too :[
  9. I don't like it either and I usually like his stuff.
  10. Nope, not for me. :oh:
  11. Don't particularly like this design. Reminds me of oven mits.