Marc Jacobs Quilted Midler Bag

  1. Tried this on in person yesterday at Nordstrom. I think I like it. Can't decide. Love the magnetic tab closure and chain handle that can fall inside the bag but come out when needed, and love the leather shoulder piece on the chain handle. But trying to decide whether I'd rather have a black quilted Venetia with gold hardware and suede lining (does that exist?) instead. Need something for work and play. Don't want something as structured as a Stam, but don't want anything as unstructured as a hobo. Help! Anyone care to weigh in?
  2. P.S. If you haven't seen it, it's on BlueBee.
  3. I like it!

    Here's the image from BlueBee. I think it's a nice variation of the Stam without actually being the Stam.
  4. It's definitely a nice bag, but it seems big for me!

    I'd say find a quilted Venetia, maybe they still have them at MJ boutiques? Or maybe Nordstrom can do a stock check for you. You can't go wrong with a classic bag.
  5. Hm..there's just something about this bag that doesn't go quite right for me. It seems I can fit a lot of stuff in it. Maybe it's the shape. A little too boxy.
  6. thithi, I think I agree... I think I am going to have Nordies do a store check for a black quilted Venetia with gold hardware and suede lining.