Marc Jacobs quilted Eugenie clutch: where can I find one?

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  1. Where? :confused1:

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  2. if only it had a strap :girlsigh:
  3. ^no it's beige...they just have bad pics!
  4. And what about the Bonanzle one? Is it beige, too? Or is it grey? :confused1:
  5. pretty sure the bonanzle is the washed goat leather in grey :tup:
  6. The color is beautiful ... but I'm doubt ... because the seller is new on Bonanzle ... . I'm used to buy on Ebay ... .

    Is this clutch big as the Palais one?
  7. i am not sure.....they should have dimensions on the website. I wouldn't worry about buying on bonanzle. A lot of girls here do and haven't had any issues
  8. Eugenie or Palais Royal? Same size? I guess Palais Royal is bigger ... .

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  9. Yes ... I never bought on Bonanzle ... maybe it's time to try ... .
  10. i think the palais is bigger but the eugenie would hold more!
  11. i personally prefer the eugenie. i think iluvmybags has one, and she might have a thread with a guts post