Marc Jacobs Quilted Elise on sale?

  1. Ladies, has anyone seen the MJ quilted Elise on sale either in NM or Nordstroms? TIA...:smile:
  2. I was in Houston NM today and saw pre sale bags on display. I saw on quilted green MJ on sale but it looks like the bowler. I am not familiar with the Elise style (what it looks like) but I saw more style on the pre sale table on quilted jean MJ, maybe the Elise is on of them?
  3. Thanks Sweetea! :biggrin: This is what the Elise looks like...will finally have time to hit NM tomorrow... thinking of getting this for my mom. :flowers:
  4. How sweet of you buying a beautiful Elise for your mom! Good luck and hope you will find Elise on sale too.
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