Marc Jacobs quilted Elise bag!!

  1. I am dropping over from the Balenciaga section to find a new Marc jacobs
    Elise bag, it is the quilted one, I love that style, can`t find it in any stores:confused1:
    Can you tell me from what season it is and or can you tell me where to find one
    other than eBay.

  2. Hi! The quilted Elise is not from the current season. I believe the last time it was available was Resort 2006. The only place that might have one besides eBay would be the Marc Jacobs boutiques but you will have to pay full price. Is there a specific color you are looking for?
  3. Yes, blue would be nice or a camel or black....not sure what colors
    were available.
  4. Wait are you referring to the patent quilted Elise or the regular quilted Elise?
  5. Regular Elise...not patent.
    I read in the PF that the colors were white and black oat and slate??
    Is that right?

    There is one on Ebay right now, a black bag.
  6. kim (tadpolenyc) just recently scored a petrol elise from an MJ boutique in manhattan. your best bet is to call around to see if they can locate one for you :smile:
  7. ^ I believe she's looking for quilted, and light petrol was only available in calf and patchwork.

    I've seen the resort 06 colors like black, white chiffon, and topaz. I haven't seen any other colors that I can recall, except for patchwork. Patchwork had slate, light petrol, metallic purple, black, and ivory.
  8. Thanks so much.
    I will be calling around and watch Ebay like a hawk.

    Do tell me when you spot a quilted Elise something.

    I gotten away from the balenciaga group for awhile.