Marc Jacobs Quilted Bruna or Paradise Rio

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  1. Hi-

    I'm looking for an everyday handbag for work with some style. But also look classy to go with my work clothes. Please let me know which one you would prefer. I'm torned between the two.

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. Hmm....that's a hard one to figure out! I'm going to say the Bruna! What color are you thinking??
  3. Right??! :sad: I'm definitely getting black.
  4. Bruna..I love the quilting:smile:
  5. Bruna is a very nice bag, spacious and beautiful and I would go for it if your work is not too conservative.
  6. i say Paradise Rio!
  7. Yeah, Paradiso would be a perfect bag if you work in a conservative environtment

  8. Thanks for your input. :smile: Do you own a bruna? Although the measurement for the straps are the same on both purses, it looks shorter on the bruna.
  9. I have both. How can I help?

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  10. :nuts: can you tell me the pros and cons on both?
    Also, are the straps the same in length? Which one do you prefer more and why? What is the durability on the purse? Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  11. Just for general info, the handles on the Bruna are attached directly to the bag, so they stay standing upright. The Rio, they are hooked on with rings, so they are flexible.

    In general, the Rio seems a little bigger.

    They are both beautiful bags. I think the Bruna is a little dressier, especially if they are both black.
  12. Actually, the Bruna's handles are on rings, too, but the rings are firmly attached to the bag. (I had to get them out to look. LOL!)

    The Rio handles are definitely longer - because of how they are attached. They might be technically the same length, but the Rio's handles are higher up on the bag, so you have more shoulder room.
  13. Yes I have a Bruna bag in Raspberry and it's a gorgeous bag but I think it's not really suitable for work if you work in an office that has certain dress code. It's so fashion-y if you know what I mean.

  14. I took a few new pics. I'll post them in just a minute.
    The Rio is definitely overall a bigger bag.
  15. I have a VERY conservative job, and to me it is a very conservative bag.