Marc Jacobs Quilted Bowler...Great price!

  1. The ursula bowler is great. Thanks for posting!
  2. No is really cute!
  3. Cute bag, but I am not liking their no returns policy!

  4. Returns are accepted for authenticity issues. Although that is not likely to occur because all merchandise in the Boutique is authentic.
    All customers are encouraged to ask questions and for more pictures to be sure they want a particular item.
  5. Can you tell what color it is, would like cola. I don't see color listed.
  6. Hi,
    Sorry about that:shame:! The color was Cashew( Beige/Tan).
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll continue to keep my eye out for cola.
  8. You are very welcome;)! I will let you know if I come across a cola:tup:...
  9. no longer available....